Monday, March 14, 2011

Oreo Balls

Everyone that I know, loves a good Oreo.  Oreo balls take Oreos to a whole new level -- just ask anyone who has had one.  These little truffle treats are just so divine!  We will not lie, we have had full fat Oreo balls plenty of times, but we decided to try to revise the normal full fat recipe by cutting the fat in half but keeping all of the flavor.  No one would ever know that these are lower fat version because they are just as delicious.  Making these sweet treats with Meagan Feldhaus and Ashley Grossaint was so much fun and it just goes to show how easy and fun these treats are to make!

1 bag low fat Oreo cookies
1 16 oz. container non-fat or reduced fat cream cheese (We used fat free)
1 bag milk chocolate chips 
1 bag white chocolate chips

Let cream cheese come to room temperature.  Put Oreos in a plastic bag and crush into fine pieces.  (You will probably need to crush in two batches.)  Put crushed Oreos in a large bowl with softened cream cheese.  Blend together with mixer until well combined.  Once combined, form and roll small balls about an inch in diameter and place on a lined cookie sheet with wax paper.  When all balls are formed, freeze for 20 minutes.  While freezing, melt chocolate chips either in a double broiler or in the microwave.  (The microwave is the easiest.  If the white chocolate does not melt smoothly, add a small amount of shortening to the chocolate, about 1/4 tsp.)  Take balls out of freezer and dip each ball individually into the chocolate.  This is easiest when done with two forks.  Make sure each ball is coated evenly with chocolate and place back on lined cookie sheet.  When all of the balls are covered in chocolate, freeze again until chocolate hardens.  Enjoy and indulge! :) 

*To decorate sprinkle the balls with your favorite sprinkles immediately after dipped in chocolate.  Drizzling with the opposite color of chocolate is also fun, as well as, just leaving them plain.   


  1. The faux fried ravioli was so delicious. Everyone in the family loved it, even the finicky ones. This is one to try!!!!!!!

  2. Hey girls i just found your blog and love it! i have always considered doing the low fat ingredients but wasn't sure if they would turn out the same. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Hey Christi,
    We didn't see your comment until now- sorry we didn't write you back sooner! We hope you enjoy our blog and like our recipes! :) Jordan & Julie

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  5. I love this recipe<33 but next time put pictures<3